Permaculture enhances the unique gifts and microclimates of your site to create a productive, harmonious environment that improves your food, water and energy sustainability.
Permaculture Keyline Design contour Map Ireland

Drone Maps

Get a real project overview

  • Farm & Site Maps
  • School Garden Maps
  • Elevation Contour Maps
  • Magnetic Whiteboard Maps
Permaculture Design Ireland sketch


Get your project working for you

  • Home & Garden Design
  • Farms & Businesses
  • School Garden Design
  • Community Gardens Design
  • Flood & Drought Proofing
permaculture orchard


Expert care for your trees

  • Orchard Design
  • Forest Garden Design
  • Orchard Planting
  • Orchard Pruning
  • Fruit tree Grafting
Elegant, environmentally-friendly, resilient and regenerative permaculture design is available now.
Let’s get your project working for you!