In 2016 Ansa founder and director Paul Lynch established a permaculture design service and a small permaculture research  & development site near Ballingeary in the Muskerry Gaeltacht near his hometown of Macroom in county Cork.

Here permaculture design ideas and methods are put into practice including:

  • No-dig vegetable growing
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Stream water abstraction and filtration
  • Drone mapping
  • Fruit tree grafting for nursery establishment
  • Grafting to mature trees
  • Plant propagation from cuttings
  • Seed saving
  • Hot compost
  • Solar PV & vertical axis micro wind generation
  • Pig & chicken tractor systems
  • Natural Building
  • Forest garden guilds
  • Sheet mulching
polytunnel, pastured poultry
Ansa testing site featuring apple blossom, vegetable garden, polytunnel and mobile chicken system.

Since then the R&D site has grown and the design business has catered for a growing diverse list of clients.

In 2019 the design service was named “Ansa Permaculture Design” and this website was launched.