Here are some influential works and websites guiding and confirming our work and ethos.


A Pattern Language –  Alexander et al

A fathomless resource for redesigning the world according to patterns that are proven to work.

The One Straw Revolution – Masanobu Fukuoka

Practical and spiritual guide to natural farming

Small is Beautiful , and Good Work  –  E. F. Schumacher

From one of the few economists who understands economics. Eternal concepts about good work, resource limits and the economics of happiness.

Zen and the Art of motorcycle maintenance – Robert Pirsig

Original philosophical journey on quality in work & life.

Practical Solar Heating – McCartney & Ford

Concise guide to DIY solar heating from the 70s oil crisis.

The Earth Care Manual – Patrick Whitfield

Textbook for permaculture in temperate climates.

Organic Gardening – Charles Dowding

Clear instructions for no-dig gardening.

The Complete Guide to Self Sufficiency – John Seymour

Classic moral and practical guide to many aspects of sustainable farming and living