If you have spent anytime looking on the internet for health advice it becomes apparent that there is endless information out there but unfortunately there is little agreement on just how to become healthy.

Also many of the experts are specialised in one aspect or another of health and you could spending alot of time finding good advice for each of your health issues. What’s worse, the advice you receive for one complaint from one expert may conflict with that prescribed for another by another.

Well it turns out that life and the human body is more like a jigsaw – if you get one part right it will inevitably help the rest of the puzzle, and help is at hand to put the whole thing back together, even it it seems quite broken.

Dr Sten Ekberg is an holistic chiropractor who has studied and tested paths to health. His YouTube channel hosts hundreds of free videos that claim to teach “how the human body really works” and I have to say its been enlightening.

Dr Ekbeg video on fasting benefits

There you will find extensive information on how diet, exercise, fasting, posture, breathing and stress/relaxation affects our health and very straightforward advice on how to prevent and improve conditions including:

  • low immunity
  • high blood pressure
  • insulin resistance and diabetes
  • arthritis, joint pain and inflamation
  • poor circulation
  • poor mental focus/brain fog
  • tiredness and fatigue

… and the list goes on and on.

Not surprisingly, what is largely recommended is a natural, healthy diet and lifestyle – but precisely what this is is where the confusion has lain and where the received wisdom and conventional medical advice is usually wrong.

I won’t do justice to the detailed explanations given in the videos but here are a few things that I have learned, applied and had results from:

Fasting and Natural Fats

Our bodies evolved with, and are adapted to, periods without food. When we fast, even just skipping a meal, we give our over-worked digestive system a break. Furthermore it gives the body a chance to burn up debris that has accumulated over time. It has been proven clinically that it is possible to rebuild immunity through fasting, and I have personally verified this.

Fat is good for you! If it is natural and unprocessed. A high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet is closer to the one our bodies evolved with. Furthermore, eating a high-fat diet helps your body become fat-adapted or metabolically flexible. If you want to lose weight it is important that your body re-learns how to burn fat. Once you are fat-adapted, fasting or just skipping a meal becomes easy as you now have a long term energy supply, both from the food you last ate and the now-accessible fat reserves on your body. This is also important even if you are a thin person with any health issues, as you will see.

permaculture design poutry system
Natural fats at the demo siteeggs are good for you!

Presentation Style

The presentation style in the videos is always clear and engaging. The titles and thumbnail images for the videos however seem sensationalist and designed just to increase views. If you think this is also the case my advice is to look past this and benefit from the great content. I would say Dr Ekberg has a vocation to health and is genuinely trying to drive viewership. Furthermore the video thumbnail images are the only way to graphically convey the content, and so will appeal to different learning styles and anyone without fluent English.

Check it out and get better!

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