During a basic consultation we’ll walk the site together and talk about the site and your ideas,  while I jot down notes and overlay observations. Afterwards I will give feedback and can suggest further work.
This would be a good option if you want to get a feel for what permaculture is about, or want some preliminary advice.

Survey & Design

The survey and analysis gathers together key observations about your site that will direct the design. It involves a consultation plus more time spent on site marking up base maps with observations including:  existing features, zoning, microclimates, wind & solar influences. Later the findings are compiled and a short report produced giving an overview of the site and opinions for its further development.
The south-westerly aspect makes this a windy site – and it is amplified towards the house by a wind-tunnel effect in the gap between mature ash trees.
This option could suit people who want to complete a design themselves but want an objective permaculture assessment their site, or for anyone considering getting a design done.


Renewable energy at Ansa R&D site
You may already have the skills and time to implement the design yourself – maith thú! If not, or if you want back up, we can assist in implementation of any aspect of the design, or recommend contractors. All but the very simplest of designs will need installation in phases over seasons and usually over years.


In some way the client will have to be involved however –  well designed systems are highly productive and will need some maintenance – at a minimum there will be alot of food there for someone to harvest.